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Scientifically developed in the United States. This formulation was compounded to serve as a base for various derivatives which were then constituted for specific market segments. This was carefully conceptualized with the understanding that although fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses can have pathogenesis to people, plants and animals, requirements for each would vary. Thermotolerance was built in due to the variables of geographic location and local climatic conditions of temperature and humidity. It is biodegradable and contains no drugs, alcohol or added chemicals. It is Certified Organic input as well as non-GMO. All products are designed for direct application by spray, wipe or vaporization.


Effective against 170 different fungus, bacteria, viruses and yeast


Percent kill factor


Nobel Prize Nominee

Path-Away Protectant Solution®

Our basic all-purpose solution utilized effectively against fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses. Highly effective against a wide variety of odor causing bacteria. Highly effective in buildings, transportation, and general use. Specifically designed for use in building environmental pathogen controls.

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